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Our Company

StreamWise was first established in the USA in 1996 as a spin-off from the University of Cincinnati, Department of Aerospace Engineering, a leading center in Computational Fluid Dynamics, with the help of renowned professors Stanley G. Rubin, Prem Khosla, Kirti (Karman) Ghia and Pratim Biswas (Environmental Engineering). StreamWise established its presence in Europe in 2000.

StreamWise has over 60 years of combined experience in complex customer driven CFD, design, optimization and industrialization projects. StreamWise has carried out modeling and consulting for many diverse institutions worldwide including numerous Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and leading national research institutes and universities.

Based on the results from the StreamWise consulting and software services, many of customer processes have been demonstrated in the lab, patented and scaled to pilot and industrial production rates, or used in other commercial and scientific applications. Several companies have been founded based on StreamWise’s design, analysis and process scaling work.

StreamWise is flexible and willing to work with you to understand and improve your processes. This often includes making customer specific modifications to the software.

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Our core team has a diverse background in mathematics, physics, research, engineering and manufacturing to provide our customers full support from initial concept to sustainable and profitable business:

CFD modelling – Customized software – Industrial design and implementation

Educational Background


Materials Chemistry

Energy Economics

Biological Waste-water Treatment

Environmental Strategies, Logistics and Energy Technology and the Environment

Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering

M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering

Ph.D. in applied mathematics

M.Sc. in Software and Telecommunications Engineering

Technical Expertise


Design and scaling of single and multi-phase synthesis reactors and nano-material deposition and characterization systems

Engineering consultancy to leading companies and research institutes worldwide

Industrial projects applying mathematical modelling and CFD for industrial applications

Numerical analysis of dynamical systems and larger-scale numerical linear algebra

Applied statistical modelling

Deep expertize in nanomaterial synthesis, combustion and biological processes

Software Development Expertise


Numerical methods

Physics modeling

C, C++, FORTRAN, Matlab and Mathematica programming expertise

Requirements management

Commercial programming in mobile and in internet

Software architecture design and re-factoring

Agile project management

Test planning and automation

Continuous integration

Development operations (DevOps)

Internet service design

Agile Contracts

Diverse History in Different Domains


All our core team members are graduates from world renowned universities. We also have a Fulbright Fellow in atmospheric physics on our team.

We have a wide array of previously worked companies/institutions in various areas and several start-up companies have been founded based on our services and support. Some examples of our domain expertize include:

  • Nano-technology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Mobile and Internet Software and Services Development
  • International companies in energy sector
  • Bio processing
  • Water purification

Fundraising History


Our team has helped companies raise more than 40 M€/$ in venture capital and project grants and loans.

Covering the Whole Value Chain

CFD modelling +  in house built software + industrial domain expertise

Comprehensive Expertize

Ensuring our unique value chain works for your specific needs

Adaptable & customer specific

Flexible and customizable to your unique R&D and production needs

Dedicated to Customer Support

Supporting your business needs from initial concept to maximizing returns