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Problem Solving for Industrial Gas and Liquid Processes

StreamWise has developed its own unique simulation software to model, analyse, design and optimize such processes

If your business involves the behavior of liquids and gases, you will benefit from our powerful software and our in-depth consultancy services


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What: Many industrial processes involve liquid and gas flows. Such flows can include solid particles, small liquid drops or gas bubbles. Understanding and controlling these complex fluid flows is critical to optimizing production and improving profits.

Why: Businesses are often unaware of opportunities to improve their industrial processes. Streamwise offers ways to reduce costs, enhance safety and to improve manufacturing results for your business success.

How: Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the computer simulation of fluid (liquid and gas) flows. StreamWise uses these detailed computer simulations of fluid physics to help you understand and optimize your processes. Our in-house developed software includes models for particles, droplets and bubbles unavailable in competitors.

Who: We are unique in the CFD consultancy business as we have developed our own CFD models instead of using off-the-shelf outdated software. Hence, we have complete understanding of how the real physics are simulated. Moreover, our software uses modern techniques which are more robust, more accurate, more flexible and faster than competitors in the market. We can also customize our software for your specific needs. We also design flow processes and oversee their implementation in your production facility.

When: For more than 20 years, StreamWise has carried out modelling and consulting for many diverse institutions worldwide including Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, leading research institutes and universities. Dozens of patents and several start-up companies have be founded based on StreamWise innovations. We are ready to help you today.


Our Unique and Powerful Algorithms and Models

Property/Feature Competitor StreamWise
Numerical Accuracy Low High
Boundary Conditions Approximate Exact
Flow Physics Approximate Exact
Convergence Speed Slow Fast
Particle/Drop/Bubble Coupling Weak Strong
Particle/Drop/Bubble Distribution Single size Distribution
Particle/Drop/Bubble Transport Mechanisms Few Many
Particle/Drop/Bubble Dynamics Mechanisms Few Many
Customer Specific Limited Adaptable

We uniquely combine three powerful capabilities

Our unique solution algorithms and multi-phase flow models

Fast, accurate and flexible to fit your needs

Our in-house built state-of-the-art simulation software

Customizable to your particular problem

Our expertise in your business and research domain

Based on over 20 years of development and customer problem solving

Many CFD consultants only provide services by using third party software and do not have access to the inner workings of the codes they use. Thus, they can only report to their customers based on the output the software gives. This means that the link between real world and the simulation is weak.


We are different. We designed our state-of-the-art mathematical algorithm, we coded the software that runs the algorithm and we have the resarch and industry expertise to understand and optimize your process. We can address the basic physics, the software implementation and the real world applications, all in our team. The whole R&D value chain is streamlined for your benefit. We also offer customized modelling software for your specific needs.

Our typical problem solving process:

Step 1: Initial Understanding and Assessment


Understanding and testing basic physics and parameter sensitivity (Typically in 1D mode)

Step 2: Proof of Concept


Designing lab scale implementation to test the theoretical concept (Typically in 2D mode)

Step 3: Industrial Feasibility


Designing and optimizing pilot scale implementation (Typically in 3D mode)

Step 4: Industrial Production


Designing and optimizing industrial scale implementation with continuous improvement of process (Typically in time dependent 3D mode)


Fundametal scientific understanding

Minimizing cost of R&D and production

Practical design, scaling and optimization

Maximizing quality, yield and efficiancy

Accurate experimental set-ups

Ensuring health, safety and regulatory complience

Look no further on your CFD simulation and process optimization needs.

Let StreamWise make your business better!

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